Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Baraha 7.0 released.

My favourite Indic editor Baraha has just moved to version 7.0. I have used version 5 onwards to edit and maintain my marathi blog and other indic stuff like my wikipedia and Wikiquote contributions.

Baraha 7.0 can be downloaded from their download page here.

New features as follows:
  • Gujarati, Gurumukhi, Bengali and Oriya scripts added.
  • Transliteration of Indic scripts into Latin characters supported. (see here)
  • Added new glyphs to Devanagari fonts required for Sanskrit text.
  • Corrected the sort order for Tamil script.
  • Usage of Baraha Direct utility is improved.
  • Added Barahapad utility for editing Indic Unicode text.
  • Updated copyright info. Baraha software can be freely used for ANY personal or commericial use.
  • other minor improvements and bug fixes.
See also: Blogging in Devnagari (using Baraha)

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  1. I want to download Baraha 7.0 but can't from their site. Has their site changed. Can You suggest me an alternate site where I could download it.

    Manish Bangera

  2. no. as far as i know it's still the following

    for Baraha:

    for Baraha IME:

  3. hi!!

    i have been using this tool called quillpad for quite sometime now, it is very interesting and can be fast at usage ...
    you can access it at
    one main advantage of it is not necessarily it needs to be downloaded and also one neednt get accustomed with the keyboard layout

  4. "AddFontResourceFailed" error is displayed when i m installing baraha 7.0

  5. I am guessing here, but you will have to run the installation under an account that has administrative privileges.

    If that does not work, try contacting the Baraha team at:

    Maybe they can offer further suggestions.