Clicking away with a newly acquired Digital camera

Having brought a new digital camera, i found out, i began seeing things differently. After the first few shots with my camera - i had fallen in love with it. At the time of posting this blog - the number of photos i have taken since i bought the peice has gone over several thousands ! I cant seem to stop clicking.

I have been receiving several mails from people who read my review on my new camera. Most said that they, like i had been once, in two minds about whether to buy it or not. My review did seem to count. But they say they are eager to see the photos that a common man like me takes with it - rather than the glossy ones that are shown in the ads. So i dipped into my collection and have put up 4 of the ones i think have come out well. They are un-tailored and have been posted as downloaded from the camera. Since they are personal photos, i have posted them seperately on my personal blog - here, here, here and here.

Comments are most welcome !