Google does earth!

After the hugely successful google maps, here's a step further - google earth! Whats the first thing i would like to see ? Why, India - of course!

It reminds me of the historic words of one of the first Indians in space, Rakesh sharma. When asked by the then prime minister Mrs. Indira Gandhi "What does India look like from in space?", he promptly replied (in Hindi) "Saare jaaha se accha hindostaan humaara" (translation: there's no other place like hindustan).

Check out the google tour of some of the famous places (in the US and Europe, of course). However, for us asians the dream of seeing the Taj Mahal, Great wall of china and even the lush coasts of konkan will remain a distant dream - for a time atleast.

And yes, for those of us with dial-up connections - its going to be looooong wait for the data to download.

Update: My maps of Indian places of interest on google earth