Firefox look-and-feel week

Cute MenuThis week was undoubtedly that of firefox.

For one, i discovered a new theme. For me, thats a BIG deal! I usually dont switch away from the default firefox theme. Sure, couple of weeks ago i ran into the Cutemenu extension that adds some great looking icons to firefox menu's (see image on right)- but that was as far i went.

But all that changed when i ran into Charamel. I was blown away! Today, charamel has replaced the default theme as my favourite. A quick search took me to 'Creating a skin for mozilla'. The more i learnt about how to make a skin, the more i realized that this was not something one could code. Sure, i managed to create a theme or two within the first 10 minutes of the tutorial, but it didnt come close to charamel. It was then i realized, that what was missing was creativity! Look at what they've done to my preferences box. I rarely come here, except for an occasinoal tweak, but not i come here just to look at it. Groovy work! Kudos to the Charamel team!

And since i am ranting about look and feel of firefox, i might as well mention Well-rounded, the extension that converts the square address bar, search bar and other boxes in firefox into rounded ones. Looks pretty good :-)

Like i said, this was a firefox week :)