Google Blogger does a la-word

In a google-meets-microsoft move, the popular blogging site blogger (ahem.. where you are reading this) recently published a tool to let you post to blogger using (ugh) microsoft word. Though i cant imagine why anyone would want to do that, but .. whatever! Here's a how-to for it.

In an interesting move however, they've enabled my favourite tool - Froogle for use with mobile. Groovy!

Update (19/Aug):

I am using this tool for an hour or so now. It has a useful option for those of us who are worried about the garbage html that word produces (Settings on the toolbar -- Options Tab -- Preview HTML before sending). This is, assuming that you are interested in and willing to cleaup words mess, of course ;)

I also just found out that although you can use it to edit your existing posts, it does not support images. So those will be lost when you republish the changes.