Vim 7 released

Bram Moolenaar announced the release of Vim 7 on the vim-dev mailing list yesterday. Here's his post on vim-announce

Message 1
From: "Bram Moolenaar"
Date: Mon May 8, 2006 2:54am(PDT)
Subject: Vim 7!

Announcing: Vim (Vi IMproved) version 7.0

Vim 7 is ready! After years of development this feature packed editor
is waiting for you.

Since Vim 6.4 many new features have been added. To mention a few:

- Spell checking support for about 50 languages
- Intelligent completion for C, HTML, Ruby, Python, PHP, etc.
- Tab pages, each containing multiple windows
- Undo branches: never accidentally lose text again
- Vim script supports Lists and Dictionaries (similar to Python)
- Vim script profiling
- Improved Unicode support
- Highlighting of cursor line, cursor column and matching braces
- Translated manual pages support.
- Internal grep; works on all platforms, searches compressed files
- Browsing remote directories, zip and tar archives
- Printing multi-byte text

Once you have installed Vim 7.0 you can find details about the changes
since Vim 6.4 with ":help version7".

As usual, the latest Vim can be downloaded here.

And yes, in case you already havent, do also check out and bookmark - the place where the documentation for Vim is maintained. Braham also announced that future Mac versions will be avialable at

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