Ubuntu 6.06 LTS (Dapper Drake) on my Sony Vaio PCG-K115Z (Contd.)

Continued from my previous blog post (it was getting too long anyway). Decided to spend more time investigating what all was available. Here's what i found.

PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) aka Digital Signature:
I have been using PGP for some time now to sign my mails, etc. The obvious GUI front-end choice came from my older days with Linux i.e. gpgp. But then i went through all the available packages for pgp (apt-cache search pgp). It was here I found seahorse. Just perfect! Try it.

RSS Syndicator
There are several to pick from (try: apt-cache search RSS). Of course, an obvious choice would be a web-based application like Feedreader or even Google RSS reader. But in case, you like a local app, try Straw (sudo apt-get install straw).

Laptop Battery Power System tray icon.
The icon shows up only when the battery is in use. I would rather see it always. Here's how it is done. Go to System >> Preferences >> Power Management >> Select "General" Tab >> (Under "Notification Area") select "Always". That's it!

I havent had a lot of luck in this area. I tried the default "Blog Entry Poster" that comes with Ubuntu (if you havent, try: sudo apt-get install gnome-blog). But its really basic and can do only bold, italic formatting and inserting links - thats it. If you have your own blogging space (like your own server and domain name, etc) then there's some good news - look for a software called Wordpress - its a pretty cool blog publishing platform. But if you blog through websites like Blogspot, etc there's not a lot of choice that i can see at the moment.

Know any different? Let me know. Leave comments.


Update (24/03):
  • I've recently upgraded to Ubuntu 7.04. Related notes can be found here.

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