Make the Move

This one is for my friends (and their friends/ family and theirs) who have often asked me curious questions about Linux (such as "Isnt that the latest product of the Apple?") and how it can make your life a bit easier by saving you money and giving you peace of mind.

The FOSS folks have (finally) put together a website that can help. And its called - Make the move.
The website stands with a aim of helping you move to using Free and Open Source Softwares (or FOSS .. see?) and even answer your concerns about using a FOSS Operating System - Linux.

I am sure many people are already using FOSS like Mozilla Firefox, VLC Player and Open Office (here's a bigger list) instead of Microsoft Internet Explorer (your browser), Windows Media Player/ Real Player (your media player) and Microsoft Office. And if you arent, you should ;)

So head over to