Have you tried flock lately?

I ran into my ex-favourite browser today - Flock. It was my favourite for some time about a year ago, until I saw Firefox 2, which is when I switched back.

But today Flock has moved on, become better look (albeit its still a bit slow). Since its based on Firefox, it does offer all the features I am used to. In addition, it allows me to
  • blog at the click of a button
  • Look at new photos from my Flickr/ Youtube friends
  • Automatically add my favourites to my del.icio.us account
  • Automatically prompts me when I am installing websites which it has search widgets for.
  • and so on..
And all this, without installing a single addon! The only feature I dearly miss is Firefox's built-in spell checker, something I am pretty used to now :(

In any case, Flock has always and still continues to look pretty good! So, if you haven't tried it yet, give it a shot!

Visit  Flock.com to find out more.

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