Healthy Body Healthy mind

Like many techies, I spend a lot of time hunched on my laptop. I am aware that having a sitting job is not exactly working wonders on my health. I often try to compensate by some exercise, whenever I can. Of late, I have taken to doing some light Yoga to improve my fitness and reduce any chances of problems like RSI, Back-ache, etc.

Here are a few links I would like to share with my readers. I hope they are as useful to you, as they were to me:
  • Yoga @ your desk - Easy to understand videos to help counter the stress of sitting in one position for a long time.
  • Surya Namaskar - this is one of the easiest way to exercise your entire body with a simple routine. It is also an excellent example of how even simple yogic exercises can provide good benefits. The particular important bit is the breathing pattern.
  • Pramayama - the power of breathing is the fundamental element of this particular branch of Yoga. Some simple breathing exercises can work wonders. This is good news for those who cant perform physical exercises due to other health issues. Dont forget to take a careful look at the safety guidelines. Some of the exercises are not to be performed by people with certain conditions.
  • Rediff: 5 Yoga postures to strenghten your lower back - This has been particularly useful for me since I used to have back pain sitting hunched over my laptop. Give it a try!
I have come with my own combination of these exercises in an effort to improve my health. Today, there are several e-groups that can offer on-line. So don't hesitate to ask. Here's my routine:
  • 20 minutes of Pranayama
  • 10-15 cyclic repeats of Surya namaskar
  • 15 minutes of yoga postures to strengthen my lower back.
Live healthy .. live long!

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