Ctrl Shifting Firefox and its popular addons

Inspired by an article on firefoxfacts.com, I decided to beat my keyboard (hehe, i like the expression) to find out additional Firefox (and addon) keyboard shortcuts that start with Ctrl + Shift.

Well, Here they are:

Ctrl + Shift + b = Organize Bookmarks
Ctrl + Shift + e = Adblockplus addon preferences
Ctrl + Shift + f = Foxmarks Addon settings
Ctrl + Shift + h = Show Browsing History (Ctrl + H will open it in a sidebar. Handy!)
Ctrl + Shift + j = Firefox Error Console
Ctrl + Shift + l = Open selected links using the Linky addon
Ctrl + Shift + q = Foxclock addon Zone Picker
Ctrl + Shift + s = Synchronize books using Foxmarks Addon
Ctrl + Shift + v = Show items blockable with the Adblockplus addon
Ctrl + Shift + w = Close current Window (also possible with any window with Alt + F4)
Ctrl + Shift + x = toggle typing direction of current textbox (I am not sure what use this is? any ideas?)

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