Forgot to logout from your Gmail account? No problem - remote logout

In a step towards improving security, the Google Mail team is all set to introduce a new feature - Remote logout. This feature is aimed at situations when you've forgotten to logout from your Gmail account and are concerned about the your privacy. After all, there's so much that one keeps in a account (thanks to it's almost-never ending capacity).

According to the latest Gmail Team blog (article here), this feature will allow you to see other logged-on sessions from within your Gmail account. Then you can simply find the session you forgot to log out of - and, well, logout ;) There's also the option of signing out of all except the current one - how handy!

According to the Gmail team, the feature is being rolled out to the latest version of Gmail that runs on IE7 and Firefox. I just noticed this in mine - have you?

Image credits: Google mail