Article: High performance Ajax using NIO

Here's a niche Java article on the subject of utilizing NIO (Java's recent Non-Blocking IO) to improve the performance of your Ajax request-response cycle over Apache Tomcat 6.

In case you dont have a background on NIO, here are a few articles I would recommend going through before reading the one above, all from IBM developerworks. Needless to say, all of these assume some understanding of the Java Programming Language:
  1. Level Intro: Getting started with the new IO (N/IO)
  2. Level Intermediate: Merlin brings Non-blocking IO to the Java Platform
  3. Level Intermediate: The Servlet API and NIO: Together at last
  4. Level Intermediate: High Performance Ajax with Tomcat Advanced IO
Tip: Some of the above articles require a free registration with IBM. If you'd rather just get down straight to reading the article, try bugmenot.

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