Correcting Google’s maps

In real life, I am one of the lucky ones to be able to live in a brand new development (new place, new estate and even new roads!). Around where I live, this combo is a rarity to have!  But this real life pleasure has turned into a problem when it comes to using my favourite services on the internet.

For one, mapping services cannot locate my postcode. For people like me who use Google maps just about every time i travel, this is a problem. I have friends who are used to doing the same thing in varying degrees. This makes me end up giving directions to everyone – from delivery vans to friends/ family who visit :-(
Ever since I have been trolling around forums and website trying to find a way to get Google to update my part of the map. Nearly one year after, I have met with little success and have simply given up.
Today, Google has raised my hopes with this little blog entry that announces a new feature that lets users correct mistakes in Google’s maps. Here’s a video demonstrating the process

Wonderful! But wait, it’s not available outside the US – yet! Oh well, atleast there’s a solution in sight. I can wait :)