Where’s that Firefox extension located?

Time Saver Alert: For Firefox users only!

Regular Firefox users who keep adding and removing extension, or add-ons as they are lately called, will have noticed some entries that have appeared on their own and are (at times) disabled with a message that says “Not Compatible with Firefox 3.5.5”.

Ordinarily, clicking on a disabled Add-on entry will make buttons titled “Enable” and “Uninstall” appear allowing you to re-enable or uninstall an incompatible version

Screenshot of Firefox Add-on Window

But in some cases, there is no option to Uninstall such extensions (For E.g. “ThinkVantage Password Manager” from Lenovo or the “.NET Framework Assistant” from Microsoft).

Although this post is not about removing these. But If you see them too, here are some helpful links

Note, both the above articles require you to make changes to your system registry so I’d be very careful!