Linking your Blog to Facebook

I was showing this to a friend recently and thought this might make an interesting post. This post is for you if

  1. You have a blog
  2. Your blog has a RSS feed enabled (never mind if you don’t know what that means)
  3. You have a Facebook account
  4. You wish to have any new posts on your blog to be published to your Facebook account

You need to start by getting hold of your blog’s RSS feed. Skip over to the next step if you can do this without further instructions.

In simple words, this “feed” is a file that always contains the latest content of your blog in a form that can be used by other applications (E.g. Browser or even Facebook). Don’t worry if that went over your head, you wont need to remember that after you are done with this ;-)

The simplest way to find out whether your blog has this RSS feed enabled is to look for the little orange icon in your browser’s address bar when you visit your blog (see screen shot below). Note that this icon appears in most modern browsers such as Internet Explorer 7 and above, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, etc. If you see it, click it.


Clicking on this icon should often be enough, but at times the icon may show you more than one options (as above). Click on the one that says RSS. This should take you to an automatically generated “RSS feed” page we referred to earlier (see screen shot below).


Don’t close this window/ tab yet because we need the full address of this page (highlighted in a red box below). Be prepared to copy-paste it in one of the forthcoming steps.

Now log-on to Facebook in a separate browser window or tab. Look for the “Profile” link in your Facebook home page and click it. This is usually on the right-hand top of the website (as shown below).


On your profile page (or “the wall” in facebook terms), look for a link titled “Options” (it’s under the big “Share” button, see screen shot below) and click it.

2 It should automatically turn into a link titled “Settings” (see screen shot below). Click this link too.


Your page should now change to look like the following screen shot. Look for an icon titled “”Blog/RSS” and click it.


You should now see a box titled “Public URL:” and have a big blue button titled “Import” (as shown below). Copy-Paste the RSS link we found in the first half into this box and click Import.


Facebook should automatically create a new note for recent blog entries under your Facebook profile (an example is shown in the screen shot below). That’s it!


From this point on, Facebook will also automatically create a new note for each new entry you publish on your blog! A link to the original post on your blog is also placed at the bottom of the note (as shown below).


I hope this worked for you. Let me know if you run into any problems :)