Winamp, Android and WiFi

Here’s a quick guide to synchronizing files between Winamp and your Android phone – without any wires. Yes, you read that right – wireless ;-) Ordinarily, this would have needed you to connect your phone to your PC using a USB cable. But in our case we are going to use your home WiFi network. Here’s how to get started in less than 5 minutes.

You will need the following before you start:
  • The latest version of Winamp installed on your PC
  • Your Android phone configured to be able to access your home Wifi network
The rest is easy
Step  #1 – Download and install the Winamp App from Android Market to your phone
Winamp for Droid 1
Step #2 – Switch on the “Enable Wireless Sync” option in the Winamp App settings
Winamp for Droid 2Oh and yes, if you need to – set a device name (see above) 
Step #3 – Fire up Winamp on your PC. Your Android phone should popup under Devices.
Winamp for Android 4 Tip: Note the little “WiFi” icon next to the phone ;-)
Step #4 – Select a song you need from your Local media and transfer away!
Winamp for Android 5
That’s it! The songs can now be seen and played using your Winamp App. No wires needed!