Using Sat Nav - read about "Unusual Car Navigation Tricks"

Here's a piece of news that I felt was particularly important. Its the announcement that two security experts have managed to send fake messages to the satellite navigation system - the kind thats used by cars (see article).

What is particularly worrying is that this brings hackers right down to the door step of common-users who rely on the instrument - blindly I must add - to show them the path. Given the time it could also affect applications like auto-pilot for aeroplanes and ships. Of course, this isn't the first instance of such a problem. Others like traffic signal hacking, etc have already been in the news.

It should be interesting to see the actual details of the "hack". According to the article, the two experts will have presented the details at a security conference yesterday. I expect the details of the hack to soon show up on the Hack a day website.