Ubuntu CE - Ubuntu for Christians (eh?)

Today, I came across a unique flavour of Ubuntu Linux - a Christian Edition! To be frank I was quite amused as this was the first time I had come across a religious flavour of Linux - ever!

Curious to know more, I decided to visit their website and found that the distribution has been tailored to include as many things Christian as possible :) The latest version v2.2 is based on Ubuntu Edgy Eft (v6.10) has features like Bible Study, Parental Controls, A daily Bible verse feature and even a virtual rosary (full list of features)!!

The only thing I found prominently missing was the cross. I half-expected to see it on the desktop wallpaper. No, I havent installed it, but went through some screenshots.

The great part is that the distro seems to have maintained Ubuntu's clean crisp look-and-feel. But at the same time put together a collection of special-interest applications. Kudos to the Ubuntu CE team for some good work.

I know people find it funny to have religious flavours of a OS. But i don't see, why not? After all Ubuntu represents freedom (for me). I think that includes freedom to practice one's faith as well. What do you think?

I would certainly like to see similar flavours of Ubuntu pop-up. See list of links below for others that I have found. Do you know of any other ? Do let me know.

Some links: