Prevent your signature from showing up in your email to blog post

I recently started evaluating mobile blog posting apps. But the omnipresent Google just isn't as 'there' when it comes to my recently acquired Blackberry. But given Blackberry's superb email handling abilities the email-to-blog option seemed just what I needed. The idea is simple - compose what you need in an email, attach whatever you want and hit send! Blogger automatically converts it into a post. Perfect!

Setup was easy, but the first problem I've faced was that my signature turns up in my blog post! The signature is automatically added as a part of Blackberry's email settings. And there's no way that I know of to turn it off for a particular email (Groan!).

But here's a way to stop that signature from showing up in your post. Simply add a #end at the end of your email.

It's that simple! Happy posting :)