A promising technical prodigy passes away.

The girl who became world's youngest MCP (Microsoft Certified Pro) in 2005 recently passed away as a result of an epileptic stroke.
Arfa Karim from Faisalabad, Pakistan had earned the distinction of being the youngest person to be certified by Microsoft in 2005. Now 16, she recently passed away after complications resulting from an epileptic fit. Her death has had the likes of Bill Gates and her local who's who reaching out to offer her family their messages of condolence.

After having won the distinction of being the youngest MCP in 2005, Arfa went on win several other accolades after - Fatimah Jinnah Gold Medal in the field of Science and Technology, President’s Award for Pride of Performance, etc.

According to news sources, the IT Media City in Karachi will be renamed to Arfa Karim IT Media City to permanently remember the prodigy.

It is not quite often when one reads about technical prodigies. Which is why I've always followed that topic closely. What makes Arfa unique to me was she achieved this in 2005 when IT studies were not as common place (especially in Pakistan - atleast I don't recall reading a lot on the topic) as they are today. Which is why I remember being delighted to see the youngster make such good progress and announce a desire to pursue studies in Harvard/ MIT. It is such a shame to see a promising life cut short.

I hope that she rests in peace. I also hope that I continue to see much more of such promising lifes in the future.